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TopBuzz is an app that filters peculiar new stories and funny videos so you'll never get bored again. Its content is freakishly fresh. Every time you log on, you're supplied with new articles and videos for your enjoyment.

In the upper part of your screen, you'll find Top Buzz's content categories: videos, GIFs, entertainment, sports, science, health, tech, etc. These might seem generic enough, but in all honesty, anytime you tap on one of these sections you'll get stimulating, curated videos, photos and articles to pique your curiosity.

From your settings options in TopBuzz you can completely customize your experience using this app. Choose whether or not you want videos or GIFs to play automatically, or turn notifications on and off as you wish. You can even change fonts. Plus toggle your location settings to get content tailored to your country.

TopBuzz is an uncommonly good entertainment app. Now the dead time spent on your phone won't go to waste. Instead, you'll be up to speed on the latest best viral videos, GIFs and articles.
By Erika Okumura

Android 4.4 or higher required.

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